Our Story


We're born and raised Texans who fell in love with our first German Shorthaired Pointer, Bear (that's us to the in the picture)! We confess we may be a bit obsessed, but you're probably here cause you are too! 

  • Started his love of hunting long before he got a GSP.
  • Is pretty damn good at welding + carpentry and anything to do with guns
  • Likes beers no one can ever pronounce, but taste delicious.


  • Dog mom and proud of it!
  • Is more than a little in love with any kind of Mexican Food.
  • Loves Texas with all of her heart and never plans to leave.


  • Loves everything that looks like a tennis balls and birds equally
  • Was pointing before he even saw birds in real life!
  • Shamelessly steals all the covers (and most of the bed). 
  • Is 100% infatuated with his two humans, and birds!